Sunday, October 12, 2014

A pumpkin for my pumpkin

We needed to get our pumpkins to finish the fall decorating outside the house.  Szalay's Farm is always a good place to go.

They had HUGE pumpkins.  Some were so big there was no way we could lift them.  But, we chose reasonable size pumpkins that are perfect for carving in a couple of weeks. 

Grace was very interested in the rock band graveyard. She looked at the tombstones very carefully and asked why they didn't have names on them. I think she might have been a tiny bit afraid.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bulldozing the backyard

We don't have much of a backyard.  Beyond our deck and covered patio is a very steep, grassy hill. We finally made the decision to change this unusable space into something better with stone retaining walls, plants, and a flagstone walkway and sitting area for a fire pit.  Oh, and there is going to be a small beach for the kayaks!

What I hope our landscaping will look like when it is done - a mixture of grasses and colorful flowers.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Humoring me

Grace humored me for a few minutes this evening when the setting sun cast a beautiful yellow-orange light on everything.  What a great, crisp fall day!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween memories

It is officially October....Halloween is 30 days away!

Nana asked for hard copy photos of all the Halloween costumes Grace has had so far.  That meant I needed to go find them from the backup storage on disks and flash drives.  It was fun looking for them and remembering how little and cute she was as...

A bumblebee - 2008 
(1 year old)

Boots from "Dora the Explorer"- 2009 
(2 years old)

Boots is a bluish/grey monkey.  That was a hard costume to find so I bought a mouse costume and altered it to look like Boots.  I was Dora and Kyle was Swiper.  Grace still asks me what ever happened to the Dora clue.  

Snow White - 2010
(3 years old)

Grace made a perfect Snow White and I LOVED being the evil queen.  I even wore that costume again another year to work!  Kyle made a great Grumpy!

Scooby Do - 2011
(4 years old)

Pictured in this photo are JB, Grace, Toby, Grace Z, and Mariska
Shaggy and Velma joined Scooby at Boo At the Zoo.  I wore this costume to work that year, too, with a stuffed animal Scooby I carried around. 

A vampire - 2012
(5 years old Kindergarten)

For a few years Grace really wanted us to dress up with her.  I am glad we did because as she gets older she wants to do things on her own. 

Darth Vader - 2013
(6 years old First Grade) 
With Noah at the aquarium's Halloween event

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Early fall fun

Fall is beautiful in Ohio.  We have cool mornings and evenings, sunny days, and the changing leaves make everything look spectacular.  We spent a fun day with Kellie and Dawson at Mapleside Farms for their "Pumpkin Village", which was lacking in actual pumpkins but full of other entertaining things to do.
Mapleside Farms is a 122-acre apple orchard, owned by a young family with three boys.  They also grow corn (you can see the corn maze in the photo below. The view from the top of the hill over the valley is amazing.  The owners are building an enormous house with wrap-around decks on this hill - you can see why!
Grace is standing in front of a giant slide.  You can choose to walk down the hill or go the fun way - SLIDE!  What do you think we did?

 We ALL rode the slide - even Kellie and me!  At the bottom we checked out the teepee, "amateur" corn maze, pig races, and water pumps that gave rubber ducks a little ride.
Into the maze....
And back out!


We all got dusty on the pig train...barrels on wheels pulled by a tractor.  Dawson chose the back row so it was extra bumpy!
I took this photo during the ride! I think our driver was entertaining himself along with us since he sped up around the turns to give everyone a little thrill.
One of their main attractions is a giant 70-foot inflated "pillow" that the kids love to jump on.  It is surrounded by sand so there are no injuries if you happen to slide off.

All that running, jumping, and sliding made for some hot, tired girls.

So we took a rest in the shade, did a little shopping in their store for caramel apples, maple syrup, and a pumpkin and then called it a day!