Saturday, May 21, 2016

9-year old night owls - Party Day part #2

AKA "These girls are crazy!"

It is now 11:45 and they are still awake.  Calm.  Watching a movie...but still awake.  I keep asking if they are tired and only just now did Grace say, "A little bit".  Seriously?  They ran around inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs, in the basement, on the deck....and they are NOT tired???  Oh, to be nine...

Before the girls arrived, Grace humored me with a few photos.

The girls arrived within a few minutes of each other and it didn't take long for them to get WILD.  I thought there was a herd of elephants in Grace's room.

Mrs. Zaucha's 3rd graders - Grace, Haley, Devin, Brooke, Alyssa 

I think they were dancing and doing cartwheels!  They calmed down long enough to eat hamburgers and hot dogs.

Camryn, Brooke, Alyssa, Devin, Grace, Hayley
These girls ate so much!  Hamburgers, hotdogs, mac and cheese, chips, S'mores, chocolate covered strawberries, and birthday cake.  They can put it away!

They loved making S'mores.  Kyle got them all set up and they loved making their own.  It was about this point that I started to think some of them were going to have tummy aches later.

The craft was a candle holder made with glue and glitter.  We used red, white, and blue for Memorial Day coming up next week.

The "Minute to Win It" games were a hit!  They wanted to play them over and over so we used a point system and everyone got a prize in the end. This one was called "Defy Gravity". Each girl had to keep two balloons in the air.  Their strategies were very interesting to watch.

It seemed like a fun party.  I will have to see tomorrow what my almost-9-year old has to say about it. Hopefully, she felt like we celebrated her life! We love you, Grace.  And, we are so happy you were born!

9-year old night owls - Party Day part #1

It is hard to believe that Grace will be 9 in two days.  She is an incredible kid who is really trying her best to figure out the world and her place in it.  I love how she is kind, curious. and interested in so many things.  I hope I can convince Grace to let me do a 9-year old photo shoot sometime soon so I can get some great photos of the beautiful little (big?) girl she has become.

Third grade has been a bit of a challenge.  This year, the academics have seemed to be more difficult and social relationships have taken on more emphasis.  There are only 6 girls in Grace's class (with 14 boys!) which doesn't matter too much to her since she is okay being active and running around with the boys.  But for her birthday party, Grace asked to have a sleepover.  So...the "night owl" party theme was born!

I turned to Pinterest for ideas and came up with these cute invitations that we mailed to the girls in her class. Who doesn't love getting REAL mail?

On the day of the party, Grace had a piano recital in the morning.   We love Grace's new piano teacher and she has really shown growth this year.  Her piece was called "The Hippo and the Rhino", a cute, upbeat song about the two animals sitting down to tea!

I am not going to lie - the recital stressed me out a bit because I wanted everything to be perfect and ready.  I kept telling myself that they are 9-year olds and whatever we do will be fine.  And, truthfully, Grace and Kyle helped SO MUCH that getting the house ready was easy-peasy.

Thanks to flowers from Nana, Oriental Trading,  and dollar store finds, the dining room and kitchen are ready for a party.

Last year, Grace was considering an owl-theme party and then changed her mind in favor of going to the art studio for a pottery class.  I had a woman I know make these cute owl pillows that have been sitting in the garage for a year.  They are perfect for an owl adoption activity where the girls can name their owl and tell what it likes to do.

We also have a cookout, a craft, S'mores, and "Minute to Win It" games planned.  And, I hope to wind things down around 9:30 by putting a movie on Netflix with lights out at 11:00.  Is that wishful thinking?

Sunday, May 15, 2016


For "Right to Read" week at Grace's school, there was a theme for each day.  One of the days students could dress as their favorite character.  I think we nailed it!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Surprises in the mail

I just found these photos from June 2013 right before Grace turned 6.  Look how little my baby was!

Grace got a package from Nana and Ba.  She was so excited to see this huge box on the front porch and then to read the mailing label that said it was for her.  I told her she had to call Nana and Ba to ask if she could open the surprise.  Good thing they were near the phone....I don't think Grace would have wanted to wait.

What was inside?  Four summer outfits for her new doll, Lily!  They were so cute with little accessories like shoes, sunglasses, a backpack, and even a shopping bag with a water bottle, baguette, and cheese for the "French" outfit!
Grace has been dressing Lily up to go places like the movies, a picnic, the pool, and to the store.  I have tried to snap some photos of the parade of fashions.  Here are a few:
Ready for her flight to Paris
Just chillin' in the sun
All the girls wanted to be in the picture!
Lily took out her braids and got dressed up
to watch "Teen Beach Movie" with Grace

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Three princesses

Grace and I went to see the Ballet Theater of Ohio's performance of "Cinderella" today.  There were three princesses in the theater:


Miss American 2016 - Mallory Hagan

and, my princess

I love Grace's fashion sense.  She chose this outfit herself.  Cute!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Raccoon Run Take #4

Recently, the PTA president from Grace's school commented that every year she turns down companies who approach her with fundraisers.  The kids at Fishcreek Elementary School don't have the sell wrapping paper, candy, or popcorn since the annual Raccoon Run has become such a huge community event.  In it's 5th year now, the 1-mile and 5K races bring over 1,000 participants and raise close to $40,000 a year for the school.

Grace has participated each of the four years she has been at Fishcreek.  When I told her I was going to add today's photos to this blog she asked if I could also post photos from the other years.  So, here they are:

April 2013 - Kindergarten

April 2014 - 1st grade

April 2015 - 2nd grade

And, today - 3rd grade

Face painting is still fun to do, even if you are almost 9!

Don't be fooled by the sun - it was chilly this morning!

At the start of the race

And they're off!

Mr. and Mrs. Sweet Frog were waiting at the finish line.

Here she comes up the final hill.

Proud of her accomplishment.