Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunny Sunday

We don't get too many warm, sunny days in February around these parts....When it is 60 degrees in the middle of winter we get the sunglasses out and head to the park!

Today, the "park" was the Cleveland Metropark Zoo where we got our 10,000 steps in as we saw all kinds of animals who were also enjoying an unexpected sunny day.

Grace is working on a research project about kangaroos so we went looking for them.  They were too far away and lounging under the trees, but she did get to try out their big ears to see if she can hear better.

We are pretty sure Aunt Carrie has bears like this right near her house in Montana!  It is a "black" bear which we learned can be black, brown, cinnamon, or even white!

I am glad Grace is not too big to ride the carousel.  She also seemed to want a photo every time we saw an animal statue!

BTW..I am the worst at taking selfies!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cutie pies

One of these two came home with me.  The other did not.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ballet, buns, and bags

Ballet in the City is a local organization that brings professional dancers to cities and communities around the country.

Today, Grace and her friend, Annalise, had an opportunity to take an intermediate technique class with professional dancer, Dusty Button, who is a principal dancer at the Boston Ballet.

This is what Dusty Button looked like in the class today:

And this is what one of her publicity photos looks like:

Still strong and beautiful, but different from what we expected.  I think the girls were surprised that her hair was dyed black!  It reminds me of when my dad used to work security for a big jeweler in New York and he would accompany the jewelry to magazine photos shoots.  I remember him telling me that the models looked plain and ordinary when they arrived and that the makeup artists and hair stylists did amazing things to make them look like they do in those advertisements.

Grace and Annalise were very excited to take a class from a professional ballerina. When we arrived at Kent State Grace said, "Mom, this must be the place. I see a lot of buns and dance bags!"

She went right in, grabbed her stretch band, and found a place down the hall with many other girls she didn't know. My child is getting comfortable in a world that is completely foreign to me. I am proud of her for finding her way and pursuing something she loves.

I love that kid and her smile!