Sunday, June 26, 2011

Party girls

Kellie planned and hosted a unique "art and tea" birthday party for Dawson's friends.
The girls used clay to make animal-shaped pinch pots and drank tea from real china that Kellie and her mom collected at second-hand stores all spring. What a cute idea!

These clay balls became...
...this cute doggie bowl for Kyle's desk at work.
Outside, Kellie had an area for chalk drawing so everyone could be outside while the studio was transformed for tea and lunch.
One of the artists painted the girls' hands and arms with designs. They didn't do face painting. Being an art studio they felt it was important for the kids to see the process of painting. They all seemed to love watching art created on their bodies!

Looking at the paint and glitter.
Mayna and Grace waiting their turn.
Mayna chose a beautiful dolphin!
Flowers for Grace
And flowers for the birthday girl!


cathybcareers said...

Happy Birthday Dawson! Looks it was a fun party. Love the tea cup idea; just like Alice's Tea Party.
The girls look like sisters and the flowers in their hair..wonderful.

Phyllis said...

Now that was unique, in so many ways. I love the Dog Bowl for Kyle. It is so real looking. The girls look like real party girls, especially with flowers on their arms.