Sunday, May 20, 2012

Caught in Spidey's web

In just three days Grace will be FIVE!  For her fantastic 5th birthday party she told me that she wanted a Pump It Up Spiderman theme.  I didn't even try to change her mind because, if you know Grace, she knows what she likes and she knows what she wants.  That will serve her well some day.
In case you don't know, Pump It Up is a party place where they have those huge inflatable slides, bouncy houses, and obstacle courses you often see at carnivals.  It was the perfect choice for an active little girl.  The Spiderman theme surprised me when she first said it since she never really watches Spiderman on TV and only saw the movie recently (after the party was planned) but I the children talk about and pretend to be superheros at school all the time.
So I made these invitations for her friends using an illustration from the internet.
Originally, Grace wanted everyone to come dressed in a superhero costume.  I figured that was too much of a burden on parents so we compromised and I made Spiderman capes for everyone.   I know he doesn't  wear a cape - it would get caught in his web, of course - but it worked for our purposes.  The kids seemed to like them and they served as a party favor for our guests.
The party was a lot of fun and Grace was SO excited that it was her special day.  We told her we were celebrating the day she was born and how happy we are that that she is growing up to be such a wonderful little girl.  
After running, jumping, and bouncing for 80 minutes in the "arena" the children entered this party room for pizza, cupcakes, and presents!
The birthday girl got to sit in this princess chair to open the wonderful gifts from her friends.  She got SO much!  More than any 5-year old needs.  So we are going to play with some things right away and put some others away to rediscover over the next few weeks. 
I know my big kid had a fantastic time at her party.  She thanked me and said she loves me...that is the best present I could have received today!  I was proud of her for being calm and gracious on a day the can be overwhelming for a 5-year old.  And, I love how she didn't want the party to end so we stayed to play outside with Dawson and Mayna for a little while after. 
It has been a real pleasure to watch our babies grow into little girls. I treasure each one of these beauties - and their super cool moms, too!


cathybcareers said...

Great pictures. Nana and Ba wish we where there. Looks like the girls,Maya and Dawson, had fun too.
The cupcakes look delicious and Mama told me all about the presents.
Happy Birthday Big Girl Grace.

aamayna said...

Oh we had a blast Lynn! Mayna said she wanted her party there next year!!! She was so proud to show her spidey cape to her dad!! What a fun tim - we need to have a play date soon!! Summer schedules should be easier!!