Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pretend play

Grace is very creative when it comes to pretend play.  Being an only child, a lot of the time at home she plays alone - or with us - and it is always interesting to listen to the stories she makes up.  Sometimes she and her dolls are going to the movies, sometimes they are sick, and other times they are having a beach party. Often her pretend play comes from something she has seen on television or something she experienced.  This morning Grace went to the eye doctor for the first time so her play time with Lily was all about all the check-ups she needs before going to first grade - dentist, doctor, eye doctor, and getting a haircut!
Lily got her choice of three different toothpaste flavors, just like at the dentist!

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cathybcareers said...

Grace looks like she works for the Dentist. Great chair and dress. SO BIG!!!