Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

The new thing about pumpkin carving this year was that Grace drew her own design for her jack-o-lantern.

She is not hesitant about getting her hand inside and pulling out all the pumpkin guts!  Grace was a pretty good helper, too.  She picked up the seeds that fell on the floor and found the candles to put inside.  But she wasn't allowed to light them!

This week, I got to help out in Grace's classroom for "Pumpkin Day". The teacher had 6 different stations set up and the kids did activities at each center. They measured how "fat" and tall the pumpkin was, what pumpkin pie and seeds taste like, described how they feel and sound, and played an online game where they did a virtual pumpkin carving. The whole time they were estimating, predicting, writing, make graphs, and other educational things that didn't feel like school work.

These two are a team.  They talked about their designs, looked on the internet for ideas, and Grace explained exactly what she wanted for hers - especially the big eyes and triangle nose!

And the finished product?  Here they are:

My poor baby looks so tired.  She gets up so early and goes, goes, goes all day with hardly a complaint.  I am one very lucky mom.

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cathybcareers said...

Yes you are "a lucky Mom" and she is also a Lucky Little Girl.
Great job Kyle, Grace and Mommy. I am sure Mommy was on the clean up detail.