Sunday, December 1, 2013

Leaving her prints

Last night Kellie coordinated a Christmas ornament art class for the girls at one of our favorite little art studios in this area.  Dawson had her birthday there a couple of years ago and Grace and Dawson have taken a few classes there in the past. It was fun to be back and be reminded of how warm, welcoming, and genuine the teachers are there.
They made these cute tree ornaments with their fingerprints as the lights on the tree.  Grace told me on the way home that Miss Sarah (the instructor) was really nice and helped her get the star just right.
And, here are our three 6-year olds who made grumpy faces when Kellie asked to take their photo.  Attitude.  Six going on sixteen!

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nana said...

Funny faces! I guess they made a girl plan. Love the ornament.