Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring break 2014

Outside my window it is cold, grey, and freezing rain is falling.  Spring has STILL not come to Ohio.  We have seen little bits of it here and there, but I was really hoping that when we returned from Spring Break we wouldn't need the winter gear anymore.  That seems like wishful thinking.  I guess looking at our photos from a fun few days in Florida will have to keep me warm for now.

The Polar Vortex made its way to Florida, too.  It was a little chilly some days we were there, but MUCH better than Ohio and even cool weather didn't stop Grace from swimming.
Our hotel had a view of Sea World, but we started our adventure at Universal Studio's City Walk.
Grace loved the moving walkways and we all played a little Forrest Gump trivia at Bubba Gump's restaurant for lunch.

Grace and Nana tried their skills at "hanging ten"!
And Daddy bought Grace a minion named Stuart from New Jersey.
Later that afternoon we had our first experience of Sea World.  Since we went later in the day, the crowds were minimal and we could see a lot in a short time. The small aquarium near the entrance was pretty cool.  It was amazing to see how graceful the rays were as they floated by the glass windows and how the school of fish move together.
The purple seahorses are real!
And the special "6-year old girl" under water exhibit was pretty cool too!
Right before closing, we went to the Clyde and Seymore sea lion show.  Kyle said he remembers almost the exact same show from when he was a kid and there was a Sea World in Ohio.  Grace thought the show was hilarious!  She loved when the sea lions stole fish from the plate when their trainer was not looking.

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