Saturday, April 12, 2014

Star Student

Every week in Grace's first grade class, the teacher chooses a student to be "Star Student". They have something to do each day to make them feel special and to share some things about themselves with their classmates.  Well, this past week, Grace was finally the star student and she was over-the-moon thrilled about it!

Grace got dressed up on Monday when she shared the poster she made with all her favorites.  She told me that when she walked into the room, her teacher said, "Grace, you look so different!"  Grace doesn't usually choose tights and a skirt.  This was BIG!  And she wanted her hair in two pony tails.
Other things she did during the week were to bring an award (a piano trophy for composing "After the Rain"), her favorite stuffed animal (a minion she got in Florida over spring break), her favorite book (Even Monsters Need Haircuts), and tell a joke (What do you call a bear with no teeth?  A gummy bear!).  She said the joke was hilarious and everyone laughed!

Sounds like it was a successful week!

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Nana said...

Grace did a great job! Superstar!
Love the joke too!