Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our "Buddy"

Grace has been wanting a pet to call her own for months.  Kyle and I finally caved and agreed to visit a rescue that said they had tons of kittens.  Even though we told Grace that we might not come home with a pet, we all agreed to adopt this little guy.
So far, he has been a good addition to our family.  Grace is in love with him and has named him "Buddy".
The only problem was that neither of them got any sleep last night.  Buddy was able to sleep during the day today when we were out at art camp, lunch, running errands, and piano lessons.  Guess what?  He is ready to run and play NOW that it is almost bedtime!

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Nana said...

What a pretty new addition to your family!! Grace looks so happy. Nana and Ba went to Pet Smart shopping today. Watch for the toy, wool, treat and something for Daisy too!