Sunday, August 24, 2014

How is this even possible?

We have a second grader!  She is over the moon excited about starting school tomorrow.  Since it will be early and we will all be rushing in the morning, we did a little photo shoot this afternoon and gave her "first day outfit" a test run to make sure it is comfortable.  There is no air conditioning in her school so she needs something that will be cool.

Buddy was very happy to be outside.  He was behaving and staying close to us. I think he wonders why Daisy gets to go out all the time.

We got the idea on Pinterest (where else?) to use Grace's 1st grade school photo in our beginning-of-2nd grade photos to show how much she has grown. It makes me a little sad.
We walked/scootered down to the end of our lake where there is a gazebo and a different view.  I have been telling Grace for days that we were going to do these photos so she humored me for about 10 minutes.

My big kid started to get silly after this.  But I love these photos, too.  They show her weird, wild, funny personality.

 I love this one!  But, man, look at those teeth.  We'd better start saving for braces!

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Nana said...

Nana likes the Daisy and Buddy with Grace photo! The shoot at the Gazebo and the silly ones too!
Good Luck tomorrow! Braces are surely on the way!!