Saturday, September 27, 2014

iPhone update

We work hard and play hard at our house.  Lately, there has been a lot more work with school, soccer, and Grace's evening piano, ballet, and church activities.  I haven't had the "big" camera out in a while.  My iPhone is always handy and it seems I tend to take more photos of our life with it.  So, here is the iPhone update since the summer.

 Grace has developed a nice friendship with a sweet girl named Brooklynn.  They were in the same first grade class last year and Brooklynn is the first friend to spend the night at our house.

After a lot of pleading and trying to be responsible, Grace got a kitten.  She named him Buddy and he has been a pretty good addition to the family.  He fit in right away.

Kyle says he knows he was rescued and sometimes I agree.  Especially when he is sleeping like this and seems so content with life.
Buddy finds comfortable places to rest all over the house...even in the dollhouse and on Daisy's bed!

Poor Daisy is really not too sure about this new animal that has moved in.  Even after 2 1/2 months, Daisy seems skeptical.  But she gets more attention now because we are worried about her feeling left out.  That means more walks and even a few visits to the dog park. 
See?  We do find a little time for fun amid the busy schedules we all have!  But Friday nights look like this at our house.

And that was early in September before things got really hectic!  Now that it is officially fall the weather and the leaves are changing.  We had a cold spurt where long sleeves and hats were necessary.  Grace and I went to the Kent State Aviation Fair and Kyle's soccer game in the same afternoon.

That brings us to today....the last weekend in September.  Kyle is headed to Dallas for a bachelor weekend to see the Cowboys play tomorrow night.  So the girls went in search of Halloween costumes.  We didn't find what we wanted but got the bonus of a balloon butterfly and face painting at the costume store. 


Nana said...

Wow!! That was a fast summer!!

Phyllis said...

Thank you so much, Mommy, for bringing us all up to date. It appears that you all had a wonderful fun-filled summer,and welcome to Buddy. I think he is adorable,and that Daisy will get to love him, too. I like your friend, Brooklynn. I hope you two will be "forever" friends.