Saturday, June 27, 2015

Es nuestro momento

"Es nuestro momento" means "It is our time" which was the theme of the 23rd Mi Pueblo Culture Camp this summer.  It was Grace's first time attending this camp for children who were adopted from Latin American countries.

She was excited each day to be with other children, teenagers, and young adults who are "just like her" and learn about Hispanic culture.  Each day there were art, music, dance, Spanish, and culture lessons as well as traditional summer camp sports, but with a Spanish theme.

On the final day, the campers (grouped by grade in school) performed a dance and song.  The 3rd grade group did a Cumbia courtship dance from Colombia.  Grace said that the boys tried to "win the girls' hearts" during the dance.  The boys offered their hats to the girls...first they refused but in the end they accepted the hats.  Cute!

Grace looked beautiful in her costume.  I have to give the sewing volunteers credit - they sewed 140 costumes in one week for the Friday fiesta!

Here are some of the children from Grace's class.  There were 18 total.  I love how they got so close in such a short amount of time.  They were very silly with each other and would not pose for a photo!

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