Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pink lady

Right now, Lydia Ko, a 17-year old from New Zealand, is the number 1 female golfer in the world.

It would be amazing if after today's family golf outing, Grace got inspired and started to really practice golf.  We keep hoping to find the sport that will be something she can participate in during high school and college, and golf is one sport that she can play for a lifetime.

Grace did really well for her first time on a golf course.  She hit some pretty good shots and there were no meltdowns.  I think that was because she saw some of MY really bad shots!

She loved paying with bright "Pink Lady" balls and driving the cart.  But, we know she had fun because she thanked us in the car when we were leaving.  Now, THAT is a victory!

 (all iPhone photos)

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