Sunday, August 2, 2015

Making a splash in Akron

Today, "Side the City" a 1,000 foot traveling slip 'n slide made its way to Akron.

We signed up a couple of months ago and this morning we were among the 3,000 people who took a turn at riding the water slide along University Avenue down to the Lock 3 area.

Organizers said this was one of the steepest slides they have set up.  The slide has 8 sections that weigh 150 pounds each.  After the sections are put in place and inflated, the slide is filled with water from fire hydrants.

At the bottom there is a small pool and water is recycled back to the top to keep it flowing all day.

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Phyllis said...

OK, so first: love the tatoo on your arm! Second: Love your new hair cut!!! Third: Now that is what I call a fun day and ride! Wish I could have done it with you, Grace.