Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spy Science

I often wonder what Grace will do for a career when she grows up.  If you ask her, she will say she wants to be a prima ballerina.  Being a pianist is her back-up plan.  I told her what my dad always told me, "Get a good education.  Get a good job.  And you can be anything you want."

We recently discovered some things about Grace's vision that are causing traditional school tasks (like reading and copying from the board) to be more challenging than they might be for other children.  That story is for another post -maybe some day if we can resolve the problem - mostly because some of the theories of "why" this all happened make my blood boil.  If we can fix her visual perception and processing issues, maybe then, I will be able to blog about it as a rational person and not a "mama bear" who is left wondering what happened 8+ years ago in foster care.

One of the things I love about Grace is her curiosity about the world.  She doesn't love to read, but when she does you will find her with an almanac, National Geographic, or Ripley's Believe it or Not. Sometimes, I think it is because reading an entire novel seems overwhelming to her.  But most of the time, I know it is just due to her natural curiosity about how things work.  I think we might have a scientist here....or some career that is related to science like a nurse or marine biologist.

So, when the Easter Bunny brought this science kit, I expected it would be a hit.  It turned out to be a fun morning of drawing treasure maps, testing pH, extracting DNA, and solving a mystery of stolen treasure.

 We learned that every living thing has DNA and we were able to extract DNA fibers from a strawberry.  Can you see them in the test tube?

We are both excited about figuring out the second mystery in the kit...something to do with fingerprints and stolen cookies!

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