Sunday, April 24, 2016

Raccoon Run Take #4

Recently, the PTA president from Grace's school commented that every year she turns down companies who approach her with fundraisers.  The kids at Fishcreek Elementary School don't have the sell wrapping paper, candy, or popcorn since the annual Raccoon Run has become such a huge community event.  In it's 5th year now, the 1-mile and 5K races bring over 1,000 participants and raise close to $40,000 a year for the school.

Grace has participated each of the four years she has been at Fishcreek.  When I told her I was going to add today's photos to this blog she asked if I could also post photos from the other years.  So, here they are:

April 2013 - Kindergarten

April 2014 - 1st grade

April 2015 - 2nd grade

And, today - 3rd grade

Face painting is still fun to do, even if you are almost 9!

Don't be fooled by the sun - it was chilly this morning!

At the start of the race

And they're off!

Mr. and Mrs. Sweet Frog were waiting at the finish line.

Here she comes up the final hill.

Proud of her accomplishment.


Phyllis said...

WTG Grace!!!! You are an amazing runner...Aunt Phyl and Uncle Mickey are so very proud of you and what you accomplished.

Nana said...

Love these photos looks at them over and over!