Saturday, May 14, 2016

Surprises in the mail

I just found these photos from June 2013 right before Grace turned 6.  Look how little my baby was!

Grace got a package from Nana and Ba.  She was so excited to see this huge box on the front porch and then to read the mailing label that said it was for her.  I told her she had to call Nana and Ba to ask if she could open the surprise.  Good thing they were near the phone....I don't think Grace would have wanted to wait.

What was inside?  Four summer outfits for her new doll, Lily!  They were so cute with little accessories like shoes, sunglasses, a backpack, and even a shopping bag with a water bottle, baguette, and cheese for the "French" outfit!
Grace has been dressing Lily up to go places like the movies, a picnic, the pool, and to the store.  I have tried to snap some photos of the parade of fashions.  Here are a few:
Ready for her flight to Paris
Just chillin' in the sun
All the girls wanted to be in the picture!
Lily took out her braids and got dressed up
to watch "Teen Beach Movie" with Grace

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Nana said...

we all need to get dressed up to go to Paris!!