Friday, April 14, 2017

Fishcreek's got talent

Next Friday, April 21 the 4th graders at Grace's school have the opportunity to participate in auditions for the school's talent show.  According to Grace, the three 4th grade teachers are going to be the judges and they have a gong if they don't like the performance.  Hmmmmm....

So, some of the 4th graders (okay, probably most of them since they all think they are STARS) signed up for the audition.  Grace said she and Charlie are going to do a piano duet of the song "Tooth Fairy" so Charlie came over  this morning to give them a chance to practice outside of school.  I was really impressed how they worked together to come up with a plan.

Later, Grace and her friend, Kylie, dyed Easter eggs together.  Kylie took hers home so now we only need to eat 6 hard boiled eggs instead of 12!  Win!

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