Saturday, November 19, 2011

Making a list, checking it twice

Grace's Christmas list has been a work in progress for the last few weeks. This is the first year she has really shown a real interest in choosing toys and she understands being on Santa's "naughty" or "nice" list. I must admit...I am taking full advantage of this by saying I am going to call Santa whenever she isn't doing what ask!
Back to her list...every time a catalog comes Grace spends a lot of time carefully looking at all the toys. She will do this over and over with the same catalog and after a while several items became favorites. So I told her she could cut them out and glue them on a big paper to make a list for Santa.
We finished the list this morning by finding the last couple of presents on the internet and adding those to her paper. With help sounding out the words, Grace labeled the pictures just so Santa would be sure to know what she wants.

What's on the list? A "real" shopping cart (this one is from Melissa and Doug and it is expensive but AWESOME!), the game Operation, a horse (the picture is of a rocking horse, but what she wants is one for her American Girl doll), the Imaginext Batman cave, a dollhouse (this one is Kidkraft and is taller than Grace), Rock and Roll Mickey, Trash Pack kids (these will be in her stocking), and a pretend school. Some things that are not on the list, but she has mentioned are a cash register and a wind chime. I think Florida Santa will be bringing those to Nana and Ba's house!
Our city has a special Santa mailbox at City Hall so we are going to decorate an envelope and drop the list off one evening this week. Santa will even write back if you include a self-addressed envelope!


cathybcareers said...

Good news! This is a good time to get alot of "nice"! Take advantage of it, but is mostly nice all the time. Florida Santa has so many wind chimes that I think after Christmas, it will be a good chance to see them at the Wind Chime store on Atlantic Avenue. The store is right near the ice cream place. Good after time walking time.

Phyllis said...

My oh My Santa should have no problems with that list...I hope that you stay "nice", because he is watching, you know

Kellie said...

I'm sure Santa will be bringing ALL of those things since I know you are very good! I love all the words you wrote too! Let me know what Santa says when he writes you back.