Sunday, November 27, 2011

Several weeks ago a poster for the Nutcracker was displayed at Grace's school. For days as we entered the building Grace pointed to the dancers and said, "Can we go there?" Knowing that she loved The Wizard of Oz and Fancy Nancy performed by the Ballet Theater of Ohio, I didn't hesitate to buy tickets. Not having a sense of time, it probably seemed like a long wait for this day to come. When I told her this morning that we were going to the Nutcracker TODAY, she said, "Oh, I am so excited!" and after the show she told me, "Mommy, I loved that show!" I have to agree. It was fantastic. I love that most of the dancers are not professional. Many of them where children. It wasn't perfect. But it was impressive with colorful sets, glittering costumes, and all the theatrics of a performance you would expect in a bigger, more metropolitan city.

Only marginally related to this post (but something I don't want to forget) is the vocabulary Grace has used this weekend....most notably two words -fragile and ominous. As Grace was upstairs decorating her Christmas tree, I heard her say about an ornament, "This one is fragile." And today during the ballet she said, "Mom, that music is ominous." You know I questioned her about the meaning of those words and she correctly replied, "It can break" and "It means it is a little scary." Wow! Where is this stuff coming from?


cathybcareers said...

I love pictures with Mama. You both look great and I love the shirt, it seems to match your tree. I can't wait to hear all about The Nutcracker. What did you buy as a souvenir?

Phyllis said...

When you come to Florida for Christmas, you must show Nana and Ba and Aunt Phyl and Uncle Mickey, how the dancers moved on the stage for the Nutcracker. You and Mommy look so pretty in front of the Christmas tree. I can't wait to see and kiss you both.

Kellie said...

pLove the pictures of the two of you! You look so ready for the holidays! We loved the Nutcracker also. Someone here wants to go again soon!