Sunday, January 15, 2012

Might as well enjoy it

There is no doubt that winter is here.  Since we can't hibernate like bears, we might as well find ways to get out and enjoy small doses!
We went to the sledding hill early before it got crowded.
Next time we'll bring Daisy.  
She would love to run around in the snow!

 "Old school" sledding....Kyle bought this Radio Flyer sled
and refurbished it.  It was F-A-S-T!
Hold on!  Here we go!
It looks like there wasn't enough snow...but it was packed down
and slippery enough to make both of our sleds fast and fun.

No pictures of me....but I DID go down the hill a few times.  When we were leaving Grace said she has the best Mom and Dad because we take her places like ice skating and sledding.  That is nice to hear!


cathybcareers said...

Good Family Day! You guys are super parents. Kyle and Grace looked cold and happy.

Phyllis said...

Grace you are so right: the BEST Mommy and Daddy....Remember that always