Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stop crazying me around!

This is Grace's new phrase - "Stop crazying me around!".  She sometimes says it when she knows Kyle and I are teasing her but she is not exactly sure what we are saying.  The first time she said this, we burst out laughing, so now Grace says it to get a laugh.
We are gearing up for Easter around here.  The bunny ears, plastic eggs, and Easter baskets came out of the closet today.
Instead of doing the yard work on this chilly, grey day, we colored our hard-boiled eggs.  Grace didn't like using that little metal tool they provide with the egg dye so her fingers turned into rainbows while we were experimenting with mixing colors.  So egg dying was followed by a nice long bath!

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Phyllis said...

I love your bunny an Easter egg for Aunt Phyl! Don't let Mommy and Daddy "crazy you" around too much