Sunday, June 24, 2012


The new Disney Pixar movie Brave came out this weekend.
Grace is already showing interest in how Merida uses
a bow and arrow.  We haven't seen the movie yet, but she
has seen the commercialson Disney Junior!


cathybcareers said...

Ba wants to see Brave too.I think he thinks Grace with sit on his lap for the whole movie..LOL
Grace looks like a pro with the bow and arrow.

Kellie said...

Look at you on the roof of your house! Did you find anything up there? We can't wait for a rainy day so we can go and see Brave!

One Ordinary Family said...

Brave was all the rage while we were at Disney. We haven't been to see it, but a friend took her daughter and said it has a great mother/daughter theme, but a couple of really intense scenes.

Let me know how it is if you go see it. I love the picture of her up on the roof of her house.

Phyllis said...

Grace, are you trying to learn to climb mountains and shoot bear with your bow and arrow? You sure look like you can!