Thursday, June 14, 2012

Searching for minnows

I need to begin this post by saying that I am not completely in favor of what transpired tonight.  But, I want Grace to have friends on our street and she can't always be the one kid who is not allowed to do things.  I try not to be a "helicopter parent" who is always hovering over her, but there is no way I am going to let her near the lake if I am not around.  So, I'll admit it....I let this happen.  She didn't sneak off and disobey our rules.  In fact, for a long time she stayed on the shore and watched the other kids. When they called her to come play, I heard her say, "My mom says I am not allowed."  I felt bad so that I told her it was okay if she went into the lake just up to her ankles.  And then I watched from the deck and the back lawn, taking pictures to avoid the other kids thinking Grace is a baby who needs her mom around.  (And the light was beautiful so I couldn't resist!)
Truth be told - I do not want her in the lake.  Ever.  It is shallow by our house, but it gets deep quickly and the bottom is mucky so you can get stuck and lose your balance.  I can justify tonight by saying that it is better if she gets her "footing" and tries it out with me around than if she gets brave one day when I am not there to supervise.   But, overall, it makes me nervous.
For some reason these photos remind me of the movie Stand By Me.
So, I watched.  And I let it happen.  Does that make me a good parent or a bad one?  I am not sure.
My dad used to say he was going to keep me inside the gate in our front yard until I was thirty.  Of course, that didn't happen.  But now that I am a parent, I can see what he meant.  I wish I could shield her from every danger out there.
But I can't.  So I'd better teach her how to be safe and to make safe choices for herself.  I have a feeling this is all going to happen very fast this summer.  The other kids on our street are a little older and don't seem to have as much adult supervision.  I am not sure I am ready for what is coming in the next couple of months.
To be completely honest, I am not thrilled with my decision to loosen up on the lake rule.  We had a long talk as she was taking a bath and Grace knows that she is not to put even one toe in the water unless Kyle or I am outside.  And, I think she would prefer to wear water shoes next time since it is so "yucky".  I think the look on her face, though, makes my lapse in judgement worth it....Right?


cathybcareers said...

Wow! Grace has friends "on the block"
Just what Mama wanted! Careful what you wish for Lynn. They are so cute. Wish I was there to sit on the deck and listen to my audio books and WATCH THEM LIKE A MAMA HAWK!

Lynn said...

Come on over, Nana. I can use the extra pair of Mama Hawk eyes. Grace and her new friends are running everywhere!

Phyllis said...

Grace,just tell Mommy that you will always do what she wants, and that you will NEVER go by that lake by yourself without Mommy or Daddy there

Kellie said...

I think I need to come over and sit on the deck! They make me nervous!!!!