Friday, August 24, 2012

Grace started kindergarten

Like I mentioned on Facebook last night, I am not sad about Grace starting kindergarten.  She has been in "school" since she was 18 months old.  But, I did get a little choked up when I put all her supplies in her bookbag.  This is really happening and my baby is getting to be a big girl.  She was over the moon, beyond excited this morning.  And when I asked her to complete the sentence, "I am ..." she said "happy".  There is nothing better.
Waiting with the girls for the boys to arrive.
Her teacher, Mrs. Peterson, was getting everyone checked in.
I hope this new adventure is the start of a journey that will take Grace to destinations we can't even imagine yet.

I love you.  And you will always be my "baby".


cathybcareers said...

Grace looks already to go! I am sure she will jump in and have lots of questions for the teacher.
Good Luck my Kindergarten Family!

Phyllis said...

Grace, have fun in Kindergarten. It is a little different than preschool. Pay attention, and learn a lot! I think, though, that you could probably teach the class!

One Ordinary Family said...

I hope she has an awesome school year!