Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let's try this again

Getting ready to play!
Grace wanted to try soccer again, so Kyle made arrangements for her to attend practice in our community's youth soccer club.  The time conflicts with music lessons, but in August and September there are a few Saturday mornings that we don't have music so Grace was able to go and play.
Grace was given a gold jersey and all the kids joined their coaches for different skill stations.  They went to each location for about 15 minutes and practiced dribbling, shooting, playing 1 on 1, and moving the ball between cones.  Grace did a great job!
They played freeze-tag and to unfreeze someone
you had to kick the ball between their legs!
Near the end, they played a game against another group.  Grace did okay but she was a little too polite and didn't "steal" the ball from the other players.  We need to help her learn to be more aggressive in sports.  When she does get the ball she can run pretty fast and after Kyle coached her a little at a break, she went back in and kicked the ball away from the other team so they couldn't score.  Another time she put herself in the goal and blocked a shot from going in.  That one might have just been a fortunate accident - in the right place at the right time!
This looks like she hit the ball with her head or her chest, but really she was tossing it to Kyle.
After soccer we went over to Grace's new school to find her name on the kindergarten class list.  We already knew her teacher's name but it was fun to find her name anyway.  
Walking back to the car after soccer. 
The school's mascot is a raccoon.


Phyllis said...

Looks like you will be Great at soccer! I think you are a natural, and with Daddy to coach you then you will be winning medals!

cathybcareers said...

Nana and Bar are really proud of your Grace! Trying things more than once is the way to go. You looked like it was more fun this time. Love your new mascot and your name on the list. Just 5 days and you will be in Kindergarten!