Monday, September 3, 2012

A friend visits

I have really come to appreciate three-day weekends.  They just give you time to get all the house "stuff" done the first day and then you still have two days left to relax and enjoy each other.  On Saturday night, we had friends visit for our city's fireworks display (which you can see from our deck) and today we invited Grace's friend, Mariska, over to play for a little while.  One of the things the girls did was drive Grace's car to the gazebo at the end of the lake to feed the fish.

There were some pretty big fish coming to eat the chips!

It didn't take long for the geese to know there was food!  They came right up by the girls but by that time all their chips were in the water.  I am glad, since those geese can be a little aggressive!


cathybcareers said...

It's fun to see Grace with her friends. It was funny today when I asked Grace "what do you want for Christmas" she said "a car". Fun to see this one still works.

cathybcareers said...

Gee Grace, I can see you and your friend zooming around in your convertible a few years from now. Just remember to wear your seat belt!