Saturday, September 22, 2012

I guess it's fall

There is no denying it.  The calendar insists that today is the first day of fall and it certainly felt like, rainy, leaves starting to change color....and to top it off, we went to buy our pumpkins!
It has become a tradition of sorts for each of us to choose our "perfect" pumpkin.  I use them to decorate the front porch for fall until about a week before Halloween.  Then we take an afternoon or evening to carve the pumpkins together.  Or rather, Kyle carves and Grace and I watch!
Grace borrowed my camera to take these
two photos (above and below) of our pumpkins.
This year we went to a new farm.  They were supposed to have hot air balloons, but they cancelled the lift off because of the weather.  It was fun anyway with a small art fair (I bought a Christmas present for Aunt Debbie), a place to "mine" for gems, an animal petting area, and other fall favorites like hay rides.  It was also a winery so we sampled some wine, but we ended up coming home with strawberry maple syrup.  Mmmmmm.....I think pancakes will be on tomorrow morning's menu for breakfast!


cathybcareers said...

Nana can't see pictures 4-5-6-7
not sure what's happening. I see you guys started Fall early. Nana did so fall thinkgs this weekend too.

cathybcareers said...

took forever (maybe time for a Mac)
Good pumpkins and of course Grace would pose in the horse face. Funny!

Phyllis said...

8You grow some great Pumpkins in Ohio....We don't have any pumpkin patches in Florida that I know of, so we have to get our pumpkins from Publix!

Kellie said...

I wonder who picked the biggest pumpkin? We love Maize Farm. They have lots of fun things to do!