Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pinecone bird feeders

A new friend from school came over to play today.  Christina couldn't make it to the class playdate at the park last weekend, so we invited her to play at our house this afternoon.  I just love listening to the conversation of 5-year olds!  So cute!
Christina's mom told me she loves animals so we decided to make bird feeders with pinecones, peanut butter, and bird seed.  They loved getting messy with the peanut butter but I have to remember that this is a good project to do in the spring outside!  Even though they were careful we had a lot of birdseed on floor!

The finished product.  What a feast for the birds!


cathybcareers said...

Wow! Those birds will be inviting their friend birds for the feast.
It looks like Happy Thanksgiving to the Birds too.

Phyllis said...

What sloppy fun!