Sunday, November 11, 2012

What? It's November?

Looking back at the blog, I can't believe it is November 11th already.  This will be my first post this month (I guess we have been busy) and even though the calendar says it is November, it certainly doesn't feel like it outside.  It is about 6:00PM as I write this and it is 68 degrees outside!  This is Northeast Ohio - we RARELY get weather like this.  So, we took advantage of the mild, sunny conditions by being outside as much as possible this weekend.  Today, I planned a playdate with Grace's friends from kindergarten at one of her favorite places - the "red" park!


cathybcareers said...

Love the park, love the friends and I really love the shirt! See uou soon.

Phyllis said...

What a great park! It seems to have everything that a five year old could want, even good friends to play with. Enjoy the nice weather while you can, Grace. Winter is right around the corner.