Monday, January 21, 2013


We put Grace hair in curlers last night.  She called them "little pillows" since basically all they are is squares of foam and a little wire wrapped in white fabric.
And this is how it turned out.  She bounced around all day in her curls.  Every girl needs a change now and then, don't you agree?
BTW - This last shot was with my iPhone.  It is good in a pinch (like today when my camera was upstairs but the stairway was blocked by the electrician who was installing a new foyer light), but I can never get good quality photos with it.  


cathybcareers said...

Love the results from the "Little Pillows". Nana had rag curlers 65 years ago. Looks just like them.
I agree, every "girl" needs a change.

Phyllis said...

Nana is right! I remember "rag curls"...I had them too. Love the bouncy new look!