Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snow everywhere!

Flying back from Florida  this time of year is strange because three hours in the air changes everything outside the plane window.  We left sunshine, blue skies, and warm breezes, and arrived to snow covering everything!  It is pretty shocking to look out the window when the plane descends below the clouds to see miles and miles of white broken up only by roads, rivers, and the brown branches of trees.  The lake behind our house is about 90% frozen and the geese and ducks seem to have left temporarily for a warmer place.
But, when you are 5 years old, the snow is a new adventure and the pool and beach quickly became a fond memory.  As I was dreading the blast of cold we were about to feel, Grace was rattling off all the things she wanted to do - build a snowman, make snow angels, sledding and ice skating.  All at once!  

"Can we do it mom?  Can we? Can we?"

Well, this morning, she did get out in the snow (boy, it was COLD - maybe not even 20 degrees when she and Kyle were out there!) to accomplish some of the things on her list.  Tomorrow I promised I would take her ice skating - inside, of course.  I am a baby about the cold!


Phyllis said...

OH MAN....You make me cold! I like to look at snow, but I do not like to be out in it...that's why I moved to Florida. I like sunshine, and beaches, and pools. Stay warm Grace, and Mommy and Daddy

cathybcareers said...

Vacarion with Nana and Ba was fun, but I know Grace is happy to be home. Especially with the snow.