Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jumping for joy!

There are a lot of reasons to "jump for joy" about our spring break trip to Florida.  We got to see family, the weather was perfect, and Grace boogie boarded at the beach and swam in the pool at every opportunity!
Our trip included Easter dinner at Nana and Ba's house followed the next day by a trip to the Palm Beach Zoo.
Grace and Nana pointed the way and checked their map to make sure we saw the all coolest animals and didn't miss the animal show.
We learned all about porcupines, guinea fowl, alligators, and many other animals that are not native to Ohio.  Grace was so brave and even touched a snake!

For years we have been saying we were going to the shark feeding at the Sandoway House.  Built in 1936, the Sandoway House is now a nature center dedicated to educating visitors about Florida's fragile marine and freshwater environments.  It is on the National Register of Historic Places and houses a world-class shell exhibit on the second floor.  We finally got to see them feed the three nurse sharks and were startled at the funny sucking noise they make when they come to the surface to eat the fish and shrimp offered by the Sandoway worker. Once again, my Grace was very brave and asked if she could feed them! Aunt Phyllis knew all about the fish in the tank and on display inside.
Del Ray beach is just north of where my parents have their condo but compared to their beach, it is worlds away.  Del Ray has a lot more action and was a great place to play in the sand and surf.
 Grace started out a little hesitant since she is not a big fan of salt water.  But the fun of jumping, playing, and boogie boarding in the waves soon won her over.  The entire trip home she kept saying the ocean was her favorite part of the trip!

 I don't have any boogie boarding photos since I was in the ocean helping Grace catch the waves!


cathybcareers said...

Nana has Boogie Board pictures. I will post them soon. Great fun and Grace was so brave! Mama too.
Miss you guys already!

Phyllis said...

Aunt Phyl is sorry that she didn't get to the beach with you, but maybe next time I can watch you Boogie Board...Miss you my Grace...Miss Mommy, too