Sunday, April 28, 2013

Raccoon run

The major fundraiser of Grace's school PTA is a 5K race and and 1-mile Fun Run.  We ventured out early this morning - just girls - to check it out and for Grace to participate in the Fun Run.

This was what Grace looked like before the race. For the Fun Run the kids were encouraged to choose their own bib number and to decorate it any way they wanted. Grace chose a rainbow and raccoon paw stamps.
Rocky the Raccoon was there to cheer everyone on!

Right before the start of the 1-mile Fun Run it started to rain and get a little chilly....but that didn't stop the kids.  On your mark, get set....GO!
At the half-way mark Grace was running strong!  She told me she ran the entire way.  (I wasn't allowed to run with her.  She wanted to run with her friends from school.)


cathybcareers said...

Wow! That was really fun! Grace did great! Before you know it ...Grace,Mama and Nana can do the 1/2 Marathon on Mother's Day in Central Park...Nana will watch and cheer!

Phyllis said...

How could Nana run and watch and cheer? Very confusing your Nana! You look like a true runner did a great job.