Sunday, September 8, 2013

Art in the park

It's football season.  The Browns played this afternoon so that means the girls of the house had two choices - watch football or find something "girly" to do without Kyle.  We opted for the latter and went to an art festival in a nearby park.

They had the expected jewelry, pottery, photography, woodworking, and fabric handiwork as well as some really cool, different things that were fun to look at but I am not sure what you would do with them - like a giant winged lion made of wood.

Grace enjoyed the hands-on kids' "Young at Art" area best.
They had several things for the kids to do like tie-dye, weaving fabric strips into a rug, making figures with clay, adding their own design to a mural. And a place where kids were selling the crafts they had made.  We bought a Duct tape bracelet for Grace.
One interactive exhibit had everyone pour a cup of paint on a wooden column to watch how the colors mixed as they dripped down.

We got some kettle corn, roasted nuts, and a present for Aunt Susan whose birthday is coming soon.  Shhhh.  Don't tell her!  And there was still time for a little climbing in the park.  


cathybcareers said...

Wow! I needed my girls to play with in NYC today. I loved the dripping painting photos and the climbing.

Phyllis said...

Hey, you are a really good climber, Grace. I dont think I could ever get that high. Loved the dripping paint experiment. What lovely colors formed at the bottom