Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saying goodbye to summer and embracing fall

In recent years I have come to enjoy fall.  In Ohio, September and October are really beautiful with almost perfect clear skies, warm days, and cool nights. Most days there is very little humidity and the light (for photography) is warm and amazing.  By mid-October the leaves are at their peak of color and even though I know the cold, grey winters are just around the corner, I can still stop and enjoy the fall.

Soccer "season" in our house lasts from July through November.  It is rare that Kyle has an entire Saturday free without practice or a game.  So, we took advantage of his day off by making a trip to a new pumpkin farm and to Ohio Wesleyan University - where he went to college.

They had the normal array of pumpkins and gourds that we sorted through until each of us found the perfect pumpkin for this year's jack-o-lantern.
In addition, they had so many activities all around the farm that we just couldn't do all of them in the couple of hours we were there.  Grace had fun on the barrel train, the horse-drawn carriage ride, the slide, feeding the animals, "driving" a tractor, and the giant jumpy pillow.

I loved the "Farm Hand" t-shirts the workers wore.  Cute and easy to see if you had a question.
This day trip started because Kyle wanted to go to the OWU soccer game.  (I did say he had the day off from soccer, right?  Oh, he'll make fun of me for typing "right" at the end of my question.)
But it turned out that it was Family Weekend so we enjoyed a buffet meal sitting outside the student center while a band played, walked around the campus, and visited both the football and soccer stadiums.

The is the Battling Bishop.  He doesn't look very happy.  Maybe he is just supposed to be tough. 

One of the coolest parts of the visit was that inside the student center, Grace sat down at the piano and started to play from memory.  Awesome!


cathybcareers said...

Great fall day! I loved the jumping photo and the one with the mascot. Grace is still getting picked up by Daddy. Not such a Big Girl yet! Loved it. Looks like a Great College too!

Phyllis said...

I think these fall photos show how much fun there is to be had in Ohio! I love Daddy's campus. Couldn't help but notice that you sat in the Flamingo car...Maybe you have a piece of Florida inside you, or you were thinking of Nana, Ba, Aunt Phyl and Uncle Mickey!