Sunday, November 10, 2013

Word Work

In order to find time for small group, guided reading instruction, many elementary teachers use a structure called The Daily 5 to help students become independent with some aspects of literacy practice to free the teacher up to work with groups of 5-6 students on reading.  Grace's teacher, Mrs. Harris uses this structure. Each day the children listen to reading using books on CD, read to themselves, read to a partner, or do "word work". On Friday, Grace came home with this list from the writing center. She said she needed to make a list and she thought about it and decided to start her Christmas list.
In case you need a translation here are the items on her American Girl doll - Saige, an art easel, I want an iPod (touch), a baby cat, a radio (which we determined was one with a microphone to sing with), a TV in my room, and a pool in the backyard.  She read the list over and over this weekend since we thought it was hysterical.

So, after a lot of discussion about how she doesn't need a TV, why we can't put a pool on the hill in our backyard, and the kitten, Grace decided to look through some toy catalogs for some other ideas.  She really wants a little pet that she can love, hold, and sleep with.  Kyle and I are not looking to add another animal to our family right now, but Grace and I decided to meet Kellie and Dawson at the pet store this afternoon to "visit" some cute, small pets.

Since we are not really "cat people" I encourage Grace to hold a few of the little dogs.

She liked them all, but as soon as she held this kitten Grace was sure she wants a cat. So then I convinced her that it is almost winter and it is not a great time to get a new pet.  We are going to talk about it again in the spring.

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Phyllis said...

Oh My...the tuxedo kitten is just too cute...the puppies are too,but won't Daisy be jealous? I think you did a wonderful job on your Christmas list~