Thursday, February 6, 2014


The 100th day of first grade is coming up next week.  Finally!  The 100th day is a BIG deal in elementary school and with all the snow/cold days we have had this winter, it kept getting postponed.  For the 100th day of school the first grade teachers asked parents to have the children dress up like they are 100 years old.  I asked Grace what she wanted to wear and she said she wanted glasses, her hair in a bun, and some "old lady" clothes.  She even practiced walking like an old lady.
The 100th day is not until next Thursday, but I Grace tried on some "spectacles" I bought at the costume store today when she got home from school while she worked on her Valentine's Day cards for her classmates.

It was serious business.  Grace got the list of names, a Sharpie marker, and the Valentines (which are bookmarks) and sat up at the breakfast bar to work.  Kyle said she looked like me when I am doing my work.  :-)

 I love how Grace chose a special one for each friend, wrote their name, and crossed them off the list.  She did this without any help.  Big kid.
What a goofy smile!  That other top tooth is loose, too!
We also made a few of these handprint Valentines last weekend.  They turned out cute and made me remember painting Grace's hands and feet in the hotel in Guatemala when she was 4 months old.  She hated it then.  But this time she giggled at how the paint brush tickled!

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Nana said...

Giggles and smiles and Saige nightgown; what a great day!
I remember the tracing of the feet and hands; another special day.