Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Royale

March has marched in like a lion - no surprise, this is Ohio, after all. The lake is still frozen and there is snow and ice everywhere even thought it is March 8.

But today there was a little feeling of spring in the air when we went with Grace to Kent State University's School of Music and Performing Arts for the Ohio Music Teachers Association (OMTA) Ribbon Festival.

Grace has been practicing "March Royale" by Melody Bober.  It is described as "a cheerful and triumphant march in F major with with the occasional use of eighth notes and a variety of articulation to add character."  Grace had to go into a room with a judge and perform the piece from memory.

That has to be a pretty difficult thing to do.  This was her second year in this festival and her teacher mentioned when she was done that this was her hardest piece of music so far.

Next week at her lesson, Grace will get a report of how she did and from that, her teacher will set goals for the next year.  No matter what the report says, we were very proud of her!


Nana said...

Great Family Photo too! The peeking in the piano room is so funny! Love the boots and the story of what's hidden inside those boots!!

Phyllis said...

OK, so who taught you the sassy poses? Could it be Nana???? I was so happy to see Mommy and Daddy with you...I am sure you did exeeptionally well on the piano. Next time you come here you must play for me. No concert, just Aunt Phyl.