Saturday, March 28, 2015

Overnight in Columbus

Unfortunately, our spring breaks were not the same this year so we couldn't plan a family vacation. And, Grace was VERY sick all week with the flu so by the time Friday rolled around, we all needed a change of scenery and some time having fun together.

We drove two hours to Columbus where we all had our first experience with Cosi - a hands-on science museum.  

I always thought "Co-si" stood for Columbus Science Museum but we found out that its real name is Center of Science and Industry, which makes sense when you consider that some of the exhibits had to do with energy conservation and progress and inventions from the 1800s until now.  

Inside, we could see that it takes a lot less energy to light the new lightbulbs than incandescent and LED when Grace used her own energy to turn a wheel.

In the dark and mysterious Ocean exhibit, Grace climbed inside a submarine and a remote operated vehicle (ROV).  We could see her on a video screen in the waiting area.  She said there were a lot of controls and it sounded like the waves were crashing outside.

There were a bunch of areas to get wet like water canons, balancing balls, and PVC pipes to move water to another location.  I know the kids were supposed to learn about laminar flow and cohesion but I think it was just plan fun!

The Gadgets area had a lot of things that kids could take apart and put back together.  We laughed at our competition to throw balls into the funnel of an air canon, tried to work as a team to coordinate three pistons, and Grace used a pulley to raise herself on a moveable seat.  

It was a busy day and we didn't do everything they had to offer!

Kyle had a great idea to go to the American Girl store after dinner.  It was so pleasant to be there without the crowds and Grace got to check out the doll of the year - also named GRACE!

When Grace was about three, we went to the American Girl store in NYC with Nana.  But she wasn't too interested back then and I don't think she remembered it.  When we got to the store this time, she said, "This is like a dream!" and "I wish we could have all of this in our basement."  I wish I could give it all to her.

Grace was allowed to choose one thing that wasn't a doll.  She opted for the Feel Better Set with crutches, casts, an Ace bandage, etc.  I think it was a great choice and Isabelle (her doll) felt much better that night at the hotel since she somehow "broke" her ankle while we were at the restaurant for dinner.

We did go back to Easton shopping center the next day.  When we went into the American Girl store it was so packed with little girls and their parents that you could barely walk.  I was so happy we had visited the night before!

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Phyllis said...

Aunt Phyl is so happy that you felt well enough to spend this special day with Mommy and Daddy...The Cosi museum looks like such a fun place, and a place that you can visit again and again! That American Girl store is a treasure trove. How can one little girl even make up her mind on what to get. I think you did a great job deciding.