Saturday, May 23, 2015


This cool, creative, fun-loving, curious kid was born in Guatemala 8 years ago today.  

Like every year, I silently thank Consuelo for having a plan for Grace that ended up allowing me to be her mom. She challenges me but she also reminds me that I have the capacity to love another person more than anything in the world.  

Grace has been SO excited all week about her birthday.  Yesterday, I was able to bring cupcakes and goodie bags to her 2nd grade class and today we planned an art party.  The day started out with Grace jumping into bed to remind me that she is officially eight!  She opened presents from family, which included a recorder, some fun items from Montana, Hello Kitty earrings and a bracelet, handmade doll clothes, and the American Girl doll of the year, who also happens to be named "Grace".  I think Grace liked her recorder best, but I did catch these cute photos of her with the Grace doll when she thought I wasn't looking. 

Before we left for 4Cats Art Studio in Kent, Grace indulged me with a few photos on the deck.  What a gorgeous day for a birthday!  I told Grace today that I wish my birthday was at the end of May instead of the beginning of March when it is always freezing and grey.  She didn't have much sympathy for me!
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4Cats is a franchise art studio out of Canada that opened in our area a couple of years ago.  I am so glad it has managed to stay in business.  What at great atmosphere and I was very impressed with the way they ran the party today.

Grace chose a clay project and since most of the kids coming were from her elementary school, they made a raccoon bowl, in honor of the schools' mascot.  The teacher/owner had a sample for them and then she gave them step-by-step instructions as she demonstrated.

left to right: Morgan, Paige, Madeline, Haley, and Grace

left to right:  Carson, Mariska, Justin, Makenna, Zach
Mariska and Carson 

I liked how there was teaching involved - explaining why they have to let the clay dry before they put it in the kiln, what clay is made of, what the glaze looks like after it is painted, etc.

After about an hour of art and time to clean up (at one point almost all of the 10 kids were in the same small restroom!) I go them to sit for this picture, which will probably become the thank you card.

But they wanted to do this "crazy" one too!

I tried to maintain the colorful "art" theme for the table and was lucky to find the artist palette plates.

Grace's guests went home with paint and a colorful swirl lollipop.  The note says, "Thank you for making my party a masterpiece."

Grace told me in the middle of the party that it was a great party and she was having a really good time.  That is priceless.


Nana said...

Priceless is right!!Thanks for sharing it made us feel like we where there!! Wishing is good!
Love Nana and Ba

Phyllis said...

What a fun party...Nana is right, I felt like I was there. Mommy does a great narrating job. Happy Happy Birthday Grace.