Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bravo, ballerina

We were so pleased that the Hudson Conservatory of Ballet opened right near our house this September.  It was perfect timing since Grace had asked to start ballet classes.  She learned so much from her instructors by attending two classes each week.  Last night, all Grace's hard work paid off when she performed in her first dance recital.

They had very strict rules about photography and video during the dress rehearsal and performance so I only snapped these few photos outside before Grace went to the dressing room for her group.  She looked beautiful in her costume and did a great job on the dance!

Hudson Conservatory of Ballet hired a professional photographer.  Here are some he took:

This one is of all the dancers at the finale.


Nana said...

These shots look like an advertisement for the school! What was the name of the music? Nana and Ba love these photos.

Phyllis said...

Grace, you look like a Prima Ballerina....