Saturday, October 15, 2016

How do you pronounce "Hermione"?

Fourth grade must be the year for Harry Potter.  It seems we know a lot of kids who decided to dress up as one of the characters.  Although Grace isn't a "super fan" like some of her classmates, she wanted to be Hermione this year.  So we found her a cape, school uniform shirt, tie, and a wand and the costume as complete!

It is still two weeks before Halloween but Grace was invited to a party tonight at Camryn's house. We took advantage of the beautiful weather to get some costume photos.  Who knows what it will be like on October 31st?

This awesome wand lights up when you wave it! 

Grace was laughing because I almost fell when I got up from sitting on the rocks!

Buddy was trying to get out behind me. 


Nana said...

These photos are amazing. Grace has her own personal photographer named Mommy. What a pretty day for this photo shot.

Phyllis said...

Gia would be so thrilled to see these. She is a "Potter" groupie, always was, and always will be. You make a gorgeous Hermione.