Sunday, November 6, 2016

More Halloween fun

We are grateful for this mild fall in Ohio.  It is November 6th and we are still able to be outside without coats and there has been no sign of the S-word!  The Indians made it to the World Series, and we were proud of them even though they didn't win.  We like the Chicago Cubs, too, so if it couldn't be the Indians, we were glad it was the Cubs.

This year, "Charlie" joined us in the front yard.

Grace went trick-or-treating with her friend Jacob.  They were both dressed as characters from Harry Potter this year.

That night we met Jacob's friend, Jamir, and Grace re-kindled a friendship with Gabriella and her younger sister, Marcella.  Their parents are from Poland and the girls speak both English and Polish. That is pretty cool, if you ask me.

Hudson Conservatory of Ballet allowed the dancers to dress up for class on October 31.  It is difficult to dance in some costumes, so the Level 1 conservatory girls decided to wear emoji shirts.  They looked really cute!

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