Sunday, June 4, 2017

Defend the Land

Last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals.  It was a pretty cool accomplishment and one that was especially important for people who grew up in Northeast Ohio as the teams here had not one a sports finals in a LONG time.

I don't like to watch sports on television.  It is much better to be there as part of the action.  But, given the ticket prices for some sports, that is not always possible.  But, in celebration of an early Father's Day (since Grace will be in Florida for Father's Day this year), we went to the Cavs "Watch Party" at Quicken Loans Arena for Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

It was quite a party!  The arena was sold out and everything was the same as if a game was happening there....only the game was on the big screens.

There were plenty of things to do - make a sign, dance, eat (of course!), watch the entertainment, etc.

I think Grace was surprised at all the action.  We hoped to get on the big screen, but this "selfie" was all we got.

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