Saturday, June 24, 2017

Nana, Ba, and the Boca Ballet

On June 10th, Grace and I flew to Florida so she could spend two weeks staying with Nana and Ba while she attended the Boca Ballet Theatre's summer intensive program. When you are 10, it is pretty cool to get spoiled by your grandparents every day! Nana drove Grace to ballet each morning. When she picked Grace up in the afternoons they went on an afternoon adventure that included things like: shopping, swimming, going to the beach, getting a manicure, playing Calico Critters, eating ice cream, and going to iHop.

The Boca Ballet's summer program was 5 hours of dance each day.  Grace was nervous at first, but by lunch time on the first day, she had made friends with the other girls.

By the second week, Grace was very comfortable at the new ballet school.

She said she loved Miss Ines, the instructor, who seemed to be very nice to the dancers.  I flew back down for the final class demonstration where the students showed what they had learned that week. They danced to music from "Don Quixote" and there was even a boy in the class - Ross Patrick!

Grace's fan club all came to cheer her on!

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