Monday, November 1, 2010


It was a fun-filled Halloween weekend that included trick-or-treating on both Saturday and Sunday, a bonfire at our friends' house, and baking jack-o-lantern cupcakes on Sunday to take to Kellie and Dawson's house.Grace has been cooking with me a lot lately so she knows how to add and mix ingredients, but I was surprised that she was able to handle the electric mixer on her own. It is pretty heavy!
These are the finished product!
Kellie hosted a bunch of people on Sunday evening for dinner and trick-or-treating in her neighborhood. Grace seemed so much happier and more confident having a friend to ring doorbells with!
My favorite part of the entire weekend was watching our two princesses holding hands and enjoying the holiday together.
Even the police gave out candy.
I have never seen that before!
The princess gave up walking and got a ride back to Kellie's house.
And, by the end of the evening, my little Snow White was ready to trade her fancy dress and sparkly shoes for these comfortable pajamas Nana and Ba sent her. It think she is going to have wonderful dreams in them....


cb said...

What fun. Nana is coming next year,for sure, for the whole Halloween weekend and Boo at the Zoo. Oops, am I invited? I love the Dawson and Grace confident Trick and Treat door bell ringing.

Phyllis said...

What adorable Princesses you and Dawson made...too bad you couldn't ring my doorbell. What a lovely surprise that would have been

Kellie said...

We had a very exciting night with our friends. It was so fun going door to door and getting candy. The funny thing is that after a few houses, the girls were done. The just wanted to be with each other and run and play! That's the greatest thing about our two princesses!!!