Saturday, November 27, 2010

Girls' night

I had the wonderful treat of spending a Saturday afternoon and evening with these two awesome little girls. They were great friends to each other - sharing, using kind words, and taking turns. I think they played with every toy we have at our house in addition to having a tea party, eating dinner, doing a craft, watching Finding Nemo, and "doctoring" each other.
Grace pretending to be sick so she could be "doctored".
Even Daisy got in on the action....
actually, I think she was trying to get away from it,
but Dawson and Grace decided to go under the table with her!


cb said...

Looks like the girls now fun! Ba and Nana love the stories and photos, but Ba always says "that's all" sounding said when they are finished for that day.

Phyllis said...

Poor girls give her a run for her "bones", lol. That is some big bandage you have on your head and chest, Grace. I hope Dawson made you all better.