Sunday, January 9, 2011

From screen to skates

Disney has done it again! They always manage to entertain children and their families like no other. And today's performance of Toy Story 3 on ice was no exception. It was a fast-paced show of songs, "dance", laughter, and non-stop entertainment. Although Grace has been to many performances, this was her first experience with a show on ice. Just being in the arena where the Cleveland Cavaliers play basketball and where so many major bands rock into the night was an exciting thing for her. The enormity of this venue alone was enough to occupy her attention and interest for hours. Add in tons of people, bright lights, great seats (Good job, Kellie!), some of her favorite characters gliding by, and friends to enjoy it with and you have the perfect combination for a great time!

She looked like such a big kid dressed in this new outfit. When she put it on, Grace danced around the house like a ballerina. But after the show, she told me she was a skater like "Buzz". According to Grace we went to see the Buzz Lightyear and Zurg show. She knows it was Toy Story 3, but Buzz and Zurg are her favorite characters. Zurg was in one short part near the beginning, but she LOVED it!Notice the new hairdo - we are considering growing Grace's bangs out. So far, she doesn't mind these little clips I found. If she will keep them in, we might be able to attempt the months of "in-between" stages. I love that I can see her pretty eyes when her hair is pulled back.


cb said...

Grace does have great eyes. The hairdo really shows them off. Nana and Ba are laughing how big she looks. I love the boots.

Phyllis said...

Grace, you are growing up toooooo fast. You look like such a big girl in your new outfit, boots and new hairdo. You must have enjoyed the ice capade show. I know I would.

Kellie said...

We loved the boots and had a wonderful time! You should be ready to go to Disney pretty soon!!!